These triptychs are an homage to silence. We live in such a stressful, fast-paced and relentlessly noisy society that we often forget what it feels like to be silent and still. It seems that we are afraid of our silence - our own, in others and in the world around us - to such a degree that silence is in danger of becoming an endangered species. And yet, some of us go to great lengths to find it. It is so easy to forget that there is another aspect of our lives, as beings on the earth, that can be consciously chosen and drawn upon at any time - our innate spacious quietness - no matter where or who we are. In these triptychs I wanted to recapture the experience I often have when I am out in nature. Usually it will take awhile for the crazy whirl of thoughts to quiet themselves; and when that happens, I am aware of a peaceful joy that has no words attached to it. I can’t figure out what its source is - does that spacious silence come from inside myself, from the scene that seems to be “outside” myself, or is it a transparent boundary between the two? Or the whole of it? When I am confronted with a question such as this - one in which there is no real answer - my only response is to write a poem or to try to make an image that evokes it. In this series I chose to combine the two. My hope is that in these visual poems others might recognize that experience as well (for we all have it from time to time) and come to honor it as I do - to see the silence within.